Designing Quantum Nanomaterials

Yasuda Lab
School of Applied and Engineering Physics at Cornell University

Design, Image, and Functionalize Quantum Nanomaterials

Our research lies at the intersection of condensed matter physics, nanotechnology, and quantum science. We are driven by the goal of designing, functionalizing, and manipulating novel quantum nanomaterials through artificial heterostructure engineering based on 2D materials and thin film growth. We are keen on engineering nontrivial topology and Berry curvature, investigating unconventional ferroelectricity and magnetism, and designing strongly-correlated electronic systems that manifest exotic superconductivity. 

Our experimental toolkits include van der Waals heterostructure assembly, thin film growth, device nanofabrication, low-temperature electrical measurement, and scanning probe microscopy. If you are interested in these works, please contact Positions are available for both students and postdocs. Please check the Research Section for details of our research!